book Reviews you can count on

Welcome to the AHA book review club!

Hi there and thanks for taking part!!
The AHA Review Club Simple system of operation.


  1. E-mail me at . Send the name you will use as a reviewer. (The name that will appear on Amazon.)
  2. I will send you a list of books.
  3. To prevent duplication, send me the name of the one book you intend to review.
  4. Each time you review one of the listed books on Amazon send me the details. (Ie. Your review name, the book title and ISBN.) I will then verify the review and send you the new list.
  5. When you have reviewed any 5 of the books suggested, YOUR book will be added to the list and any book with 5 of our reviews will be removed from the list.
  6. I shall keep score and do a weekly check of Amazon.

In this way authors will be helping authors and every reviewer will be guaranteed five more reviews on Amazon. Mathematically that works out at one-for-one. No matter how many reviews you already have, five more should help boost your rating.

There is no limit, for every five reviews you complete you may enter a new, or the same book for another round.

Using your author name is good because your name as a writer will appear in Amazon under someone else’s book, and an author can never get enough publicity. Author and book will appear on the Bill Reyner website, for even more exposure.

As soon as your book is on the Bill Reyner website tell everyone and create a link from your site. Promote the promoter – so to speak.

Make sure you have your say and post a review! :)